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Portable instrument
New energy vehicle air tightness tester
posted on: 2020-11-30

USI_ LD01 is a portable air tightness tester based on automatic air pressure control technology, which can quickly realize automatic stabilization of low pressure and high sampling speed and precision. It is suitable for the production and testing field of new energy products, such as battery pack, PDU and other special parts air tightness test and verification. In the circuit design, selection and use of key sensors, and gas path interface, the product fully considers the field use characteristics. In order to facilitate operation and adapt to the industry characteristics, the 7-inch industrial display screen is selected to support touch operation, with concise Chinese menu, which is easy to use.

Product function

  • The famous brand high-precision special sensor is equipped with external 24bit ADC. The software can realize precise sampling and realize non-linear compensation through software, which improves the pressure measurement accuracy in the measurement process, and has accurate pressure measurement accuracy and high stability.
  • The whole machine adopts modular design of standard gas path and pipe valve, which can quickly realize product upgrading and customization according to different test requirements of customers.
  • 7-inch industrial display screen, large font display, supporting capacitive touch screen, easy to modify working parameters and convenient for operators to use.
  •  The recording method of test results is flexible and can be automatically recorded. It can also export data or import measurement process parameters through the USB interface provided by the instrument. It can support the storage of 2000 alarm data information and historical data information, and support the query of test data information and U disk export function.
  • It supports the output of local relay to realize linkage output of test results, and the product reserves Wi Fi interface, which is convenient for wireless networking application. (this function requires customized software)
  • It is equipped with USB interface, which supports reading and writing of U disk, import of test data and process parameters, and supports various modes, which can be set according to needs. The import mode of process parameters, the import and export mode of sensor calibration parameters, the storage and export mode of test data information and alarm data information.
  • Low power consumption, the typical input peak power is 10W, the input power of the instrument is 5W, the typical input power is only 3.5W when the solenoid valve does not act, and the standby input power of the instrument is 1W. Power supply range: 85vac ~ 265vac, special EMI filter is designed to meet the needs of complex working conditions on site.
  • The appearance of the instrument adopts reasonable ergonomic design, inclined display screen and start stop button, which is easy to operate. The weight of the whole machine is about 2kg, and the overall size is 370mmx245mmx210mm. The hidden handle is designed to facilitate the instrument moving and carrying. Famous brand high-precision special sensor, external 24bit ADC, software to achieve precision sampling, through software to achieve nonlinear compensation, so that the pressure measurement accuracy in the measurement process is improved, with accurate pressure measurement accuracy and high stability.

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